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What to Expect From Us

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Discover the epitome of professional headshot photography with our team. Our unique style, innovative lighting techniques, and creative vision set us apart as the leading headshot photographer in Tampa, Florida.

At our photography company, we specialize in capturing high volume executive headshots that brings out the professionalism of our clients. Our unwavering commitment to producing high-quality, impactful images has earned us a reputation as the go-to choice for discerning individuals.

We understand that the true value of a headshot lies in its ability to make an impact, not its cost. Our commitment to delivering exceptional results at a fair price makes us the smart choice for those seeking top-notch headshot photography.


What You Can Expect
  • Skilled and professional
  • Custom tailored experience
  • Individual stamp of approval
  • Flawless Skin with our retouching services
  • Quick turn around time on delivering images

Regardless if we are traveling to a location or not, we provide professional studio lighting. If traveling to our location, we encourage clients to bring multiple wardrobe options to allow for variety in the image selection phase.

Don’t worry, we will guide you through the posing. By the end of the session, we’ll have discovered exactly what you’re looking for and the hardest part will be to decide on your favorite image(s)! Additional photos and services can be purchased after the session. For example, we get a lot of requests to remove and replace the background with an office background. This is something we specialize in, and it can really elevate your image to the next level.



Image Selection

After your headshot session, we’ll go through all of the photos together to help you narrow down the perfect headshot for you. This normally takes about 5-10 mins for our studio clients and 2-5 mins with our office clients.


Retouching is included with our office and individuals sessions and sold separately to our high-volume clients. Once we have your favorite image(s) selected. It will be sent off to be professional retouched. Your photo will get the same retouching treatment as professional models and actors who appear on the cover of magazines.
Yes, our clients are superstars.

Image Delivery

You’ll receive retouched image(s) within 3-5 business days (from the day of your session). Images will be delivered to an online gallery where you can view all of your images and download your purchased image(s).

For office and high-volume clients, an email with the link to the gallery will be sent to our point of contact where they can view / download the images.

High-volume clients have an option to allow each event attendee to have their own private gallery and have the images delivered within minutes of taking the headshot. This is offered in our additional services section.

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