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Event and Expo Headshot Clients
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Team and Staff Headshots Include

Team and Staff Headshot Pricing

We offer the flexibility of conducting team headshot sessions either at your office or any preferred location. Additionally, for remote teams, new employees, or smaller groups, our Wesley Chapel studio is open for bookings.

Pricing is structured on a per-person basis, decreasing at various tiers: the initial rate for 4-9 individuals is $149 per person, with the rate dropping to $129 per person for groups of 10-19, and further reductions apply as the group size increases. For sessions conducted at your chosen location, a nominal fee of $199 is applied for location setup.

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Contact Us Today to get all the information you need and book your team and staff headshots. Call or text (813) 524-0024 – email info@catsmeowtampa.com or fill out the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you also offer group photo sessions alongside individual headshots?

Certainly! We’re equipped to capture your entire team, regardless of its size, either as one collective group or divided into departmental segments. Whether it’s a comprehensive shot of everyone or specific images of different departments or teams, we’ve got it handled.

In every team photo session, we include one group shot at no extra charge. Additional group photos are available and are priced the same as an individual headshot (refer to the prices mentioned previously).

Do you offer headshots at expos & events?

Our expertise lies in capturing headshots at events! Be it during an expo or an annual conference, we’re adept at producing high-quality headshots for virtually any group size, on the spot.

Moreover, we provide services like lead generation, personalized photo selection and delivery, photo booths, and comprehensive event photography to accommodate any event your company participates in. For further details, please reach out to us or check our Expo & Event Headshots page.

Could you provide examples of your previous projects?

Browse through the gallery thumbnails to explore more samples of our team and staff headshots.

While many clients prefer the timeless simplicity of a white or grey backdrop, we also provide an array of solid hues, gradient effects, or custom digital backgrounds designed to complement your business’s unique branding.

Are you able to replicate the style of headshots we've previously had done?

Many companies have headshots that match their branding but are looking to work with a new headshot service provider. We can work with photographers from other markets to match their images and provide any file type, format, or crop as is necessary to keep the consistency in the look and feel of your existing team headshots.

If you can provide us with an image you want us to match or an example of a style you like, we can take care of the rest.

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