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Professional Conference & Convention Photography Services

Smooth Process, Unmatched Value

Our professional headshot booth is the ideal addition to your upcoming conference, convention, or expo event in Florida! It offers a unique opportunity for businesses with a widespread workforce to obtain high-quality, uniform headshots, making it perfect for Florida expo headshots and conference attendees. Moreover, it grants event organizers or sponsors in Tampa and beyond a fantastic means to enhance value and gather leads. Here’s why including a headshot station at your Florida conference or convention is a brilliant idea:

  • Uniform headshots for groups of any size, ensuring professional expo and convention appearance
  • Private proofing galleries for individual attendees, ideal for Florida conference and expo participants
  • Immediate email delivery of headshots to participants, enhancing the conference or expo experience
  • Efficient lead collection through participant data, valuable for Florida event organizers and sponsors
  • No administrative hassle on your part, making it easy to add value to your Tampa expo or conference

Whether you’re aiming to provide your team with professional headshots during a corporate gathering in Florida or seeking to enrich your event’s appeal and lead generation capability in Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Land O’ Lakes, or any other location nationwide, our skilled team at Cat’s Meow Tampa Photography is ready to assist.

Reach out to us today to learn more and secure our premier conference and convention headshot photography services for your event.

Event and Expo Headshot Clients


Step 1: What coverage do you need?

Headshot stations can be reserved for either a half-day (up to four hours) or a full day (up to eight hours). Consider your event’s timetable and the total number of attendees requiring headshots to determine the necessary coverage duration.

On average, each headshot station is capable of accommodating up to 20 individuals per hour.

Step 2: What Add-Ons do you want?

The foundational cost of your headshot booth includes all the essentials, yet there’s ample opportunity to elevate your attendees’ experience with some exceptional additions.

Whether it’s offering immediate headshot distribution, or providing hair and makeup services, we can craft an unforgettable experience that will have attendees talking long after the event.

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